NFR- Natural Facial Rejuvenation

with Mary Louise Muller and Susan Lange
Learn to blend acupressure and facial rejuvenation techniques to bring softness and balance to your face, being and life energies
Lift Your Face, Lift Your Spirits!
Neurofacial Rejuvenation  is a blend of the best of traditional and modern healing touch. The acupressure work is rooted deep in Chinese tradition and was taught to Dr Susan Lange, OMD, L.Ac by her first acupuncture teacher, Dr. Frances Wong, in Hong Kong in the early 1970’s. We blend this with skillful gentle “listening touch” that comes from craniosacral roots to effectively transform the face, the body and its structural balance.

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 In this class you will learn information and skills that help you and your clients to:

  • Improve elasticity and tone in the   skin, connective tissue and muscular      layers of the face
  • Enhance circulation of lymph, blood and chi
  • Restore expressivity, joy and youthfulness to the face
  • Bring relaxation to the whole body through contacting the social engagement nervous system
  • Read and transform underlying stagnations, weaknesses and     imbalances reflected in the face, 
  • - the yin and the yang.        
  • Evaluate your face for before and after assessment - Bring a mirror to witness the immediate effects of this technique!

Level II- Developing Home Study

  • Increases acupressure contacts and the in-depth understanding for more powerful effect
  • Completes the Dr. Wong acupressure face-lift sequence for an easy daily routine you can teach your clients 
  • Deepens exploration of fascial and muscular relationships of the face and neck for tighter, firmer skin
  • Deepens understanding of the breathing face and tissue and bony relationships
  • Deepens understanding of the five element personality and face shapes and their importance in face-lift massage to assess underlying issues. You will  learn an overview of Chinese Face Reading for this.
  • Gives tools to specifically work with releasing the tensions and weaknesses that create wrinkles, lines, flab and sagging 
  • Explores the complex issues that affect and are affected by face-lift massage, i.e. dental work, cosmetic surgery, environmental  exposure and emotions.

VIsceral Biodynamics-

The Peritoneal Organs
January 15-18, 2020
Temecula, CA

Healing With Ease-

States of Balance and Fluid Dynamics
February 19-22, 2020
Temecula, CA

Home Study

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Level 1 and 2

Become an Extraordinary

Visceral  Biodynamics -

The Peritoneal Organs
January 15-18, 2020
Temecula, CA

This course is based on an integrative approach developed by LifeShapes team. It is grounded in the teachings of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. We will approach the viscera in relationship to essential developmental qualities and how each organ has a unique expression of Health in motion. We will explore the formation of the visceral midline and the embryological unfoldment. We will look at perception and interaction from the three tidal layers, emphasizing biodynamic and functional approaches. We will bring in an understanding of the Enteric Nervous System as an independent system. We will explore the harmony and interaction of the organs as energetic and physical phenomena.

Basic Curriculum Topics:
• Embryology of the Viscera
• Motility and Mobility of the Viscera
• Formation of the Visceral Midline
• Layers of Perception and the Viscera
• Possibilities of Facilitation
• Integrating Visceral work with the  Inherent Treatment Plan
• Structure and Function of The Enteric Nervous System
• Interactions of Enteric,  Sympathetic, Parasympathetic and Social    Nervous Systems
• Visceral Relationship to the Cranial Base  and Whole Body Patterns
• Fascial Connections and the Viscera

Recommended Reading : 
Michael Gershon’s popular book on the Enteric Nervous System- 
The Second Brain
Jean Pierre Barral’s  book on visceral basics- Visceral Manipulation I
• Visceral Osteopathy: The Peritoneal Organs 
by Helsmoortel, Hirth and Wuhrl, with embryology from Blechschmidt

Polarity Therapy

• Learn to be a more effective and efficient practitioner.
• Learn to integrate the foundations of polarity therapy into your practice

Polarity Therapy

After many years of study and

practice, Randolph Stone, D.O.

realized that healing methods

needed to be more effective and more efficient. He said that we need to learn to work smarter rather than harder. With this in mind, Dr. Stone developed a healing system based on his combined background in osteopathy, naturopathy and Ayurveda.

 In this course, we will look at the basic concepts and methods of polarity therapy. We will learn about the elements, principles, structures and philosophy at the heart of Dr. Stone’s work.

Some basic topics include:

  • The three principles of Polarity Therapy
  • The three touches related to the three principles
  • How this corresponds to three osteopathic approaches
  • The Five Elements of Ayurveda
  • Polarity Therapy’s structural mappings
  • Polarity diet and movement and its effect on healing
  • Polarity reflexes
  • The Five Elements as a model for Rollin Becker’s Three Step Process

This class will include theory, research, philosophy and table work that can be easily applied to your current practice. The instructors are always integrating visual, auditory and kinesthetic modalities to meet your individual learning style, thus opening your awareness to new explorations in the healing arts.

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LifeShapes Institute is dedicated to the presentation of quality education in the field of craniosacral therapy, including aspects of polarity therapy, pre and peri-natal work and somatic trauma resolution.