Basic Curriculum Topics

  • Cranial Rhythmic Impulse and the Primary Respiratory System
  • The Three Tidal Reflections of the Breath of Life
  • Sensing Health in Cells and Tissues 
  • Resolving  Patterns of Life
  • Gentle Trauma Release and Resolution      
  • The Cranial Bowl Structures and Patterns 
  • Motility of the Central Nervous System
  • Venous Sinus Drainage and Ventricular Flows   
  • Cranial Membranes and the Dural Tube 
  • Structures and Dynamics of the Pelvis, Face and Hard Palate, Spinal Vertebrae, Temperomandibular Joint, Fascial System
  • Birth Process and Cranial Molding
  • Embryological & Intraossesous Relations
  • Whole Body Dynamics and Integration
  • Nociception, Facilitation and Completion 
  • The Primal, Visceral and Fluid Midlines

Teaching Staff

Your dynamic teaching team is composed of LifeShapes’ staff of gifted teachers who are active in private practice, have studied with Franklyn Sills and have fulfilled the requirements to be officially approved through the BCTA/NA. They are well grounded in this work and bring varied backgrounds and styles to create a dynamic whole.

 Additional assisting staff will be used to provide a minimum ratio of one teacher for every five students. This creates an optimal learning environment that is supportive of a mentorship style of learning with consistently available feedback and modeling.

Breath of Life 

Restoring Resilience in the Nervous System

May 8-11, 2019

Healing With Ease  

February 20-23, 2020

Current Certification Training Tentative Schedule
December 5-9, 2017 (5 days) Segment 1

March 14-17, 2018                   Segment 2
June 6-9, 2018                          Segment 3
August 22-25 , 2018                 Segment 4
December 5-8, 2018                 Segment 5
March 13-16, 2019                   Segment 6
June 5-8, 2019                          Segment 7

August  20-24, 2019 (5 days) Segment 8
(Note the first and last segment are 5 days Other segments are  four days)

LifeShapes Institute is dedicated to the presentation of quality education in the field of craniosacral therapy, including aspects of polarity therapy, pre and peri-natal work and somatic trauma resolution.

Pre-requisite Intro Courses

beginning our next training:

One of the three intros is required for admission:
We will begin the training as we reach the minimum number of committed students who have completed at least one intro.

Professional Certification Training


Biodynamic craniosacral work acknowledges the deepest roots and highest potentials of the human system. It works with the breath of life itself and the many layers of its physiological and energetic reflections.
In this course, you will learn fundamental skills that will enable you to relate to the Craniosacral System. These skills will then be applied, practiced and developed. You will explore many levels starting with fluidtides and primary life impulses. You will move into specific physiological relationship with membrane, bone and other structures while maintaining a context of  wholeness.
You will learn to perceive and work with the body's methods of holding unresolved trauma. You will learn to appreciate and facilitate the health in the system as it expresses its natural self-corrective impulse.
During the course, you will be required to produce homework assignments between classes, give and receive sessions and do a cranial project. Supervision, feedback and course handouts will be provided throughout the course.
The curriculum is based on an integrative approach developed by LifeShapes team. It is grounded in the pioneering concepts of Dr. William Garner Sutherland and its flow and wholeness  is based on concepts developed by Franklyn Sills and the biodynamic community. The influences of Drs. Rollin Becker, James Jealous, Ray Castellino, Randolph Stone, Peter Levine, Anngwyn St. Just and Pat Ogden bring depth and added understanding from embryology, birth, somatic trauma healing &  polarity therapy.

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