Embryology of the Heart
A  Biodynamic View

Based on the work of Erich Blechschmidt
Next Date TBD

Temecula, CA


Learn to be a more connected with the heart - its formation, pulsation, structure, function and motion.

We will explore the embryological, visceral and relational heart 

In this class we will learn about the embryology of the heart according to the research and vision of Erich Blechschmidt. His concepts of metabolic fields and how fluid forces unfold the physical body are an essential understanding for any healing arts practitioner.

We will discuss practical applications of how to work with the heart in the neonate and adult. There will be powerpoints, video, exercises to help embody the experience of our own hearts and opportunities to exchange sessions. We will explore palpation, heart field work and heart balancing.

We will explore the development of the heart from the very beginning and how it is a reflection of flow and pulsation which precedes the appearance of an actual heart structure. We will continue through fetal development and complete with birth transition. The journey of the heart embryologically is complex and there is much misunderstanding about its formation within published literature. We will elucidate the actual processes of formation as seen in the work of Doctors Erich Blechschmidt and Brian Freeman. Topics we will explore include:   

  • Early beginnings
  • The three circulations of the developing embryo
  • Fluid flows
  • Metabolic fields as formative forces
  • Priorities of position, form and structure
  • Growth movements
  • Changing positions of the heart
  • Reverse momentum and the ventricles
  • “Beating” of the heart
  • Rotation of the heart
  • Separation of the flows of the heart
  • Transformation at birth- circulation, heart and lungs
  • The heart as a switch rather than a pump
  • The vagal brake as a heart regulator

Your Teaching Staff

Mary Louise Muller and Christopher are experienced practitioners in the holistic health field who have been practicing since 1978 and have been actively involved in the development of the biodynamic model of craniosacral therapy since the early 1990’s. Together they are a dynamic, creative, supportive and inspiring team. They teach internationally and are able to share both a deep understanding and connection with this work. 

Christopher and Mary Louise are experts in the field of natural health and bring many resources to their teaching including research, palpation and session skills, self-help movements, powerpoints, verbal skills and trauma healing concepts.

They are both Approved Teachers through the Biodynamic Craniosacral Association of North America and Certified Polarity Educators through the American Polarity Therapy Association

Christopher Muller RCST, RPP teaches internationally in the field of biodynamic craniosacral and polarity therapy. He is the developer of the Swiss disarticulated skull which has all the detail, weight and articulation of a real bone skull. He has been instrumental in bringing the work of Erich Blechschmidt into publication in English, as well as other books in the biodynamic cranial field.

Mary Louise Muller, M.Ed., RCST, RPP  holds a Masters degree in counseling from the University of Delaware. She has been recognized by the American Polarity Therapy Association for Pioneering Contributions in the Field and has been awarded the Pioneer Award through the Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America. Mary Louise is co-author of Energy Exercises, the definitive book on Randolph Stone’s Polarity Yoga, available in English, German and Spanish.


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