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LifeShapes Institute is dedicated to the presentation of quality education in the field of craniosacral therapy, including aspects of visceral work, polarity therapy, pre and peri-natal work and somatic trauma resolution.

Healing With Ease

Susan Javery RCST®, LMT

Christopher and Mary Louise Muller RCST®, RPP


States of Balance and Fluid Dynamics

February 19-22, 2020

Christopher and Mary Louise Muller

“The bioenergy field of health is a palpable sensation, it is possible to literally feel the bioenergy of health at work within our patients.” Rollin Becker

In this class, you will learn to perceive and support natural self-healing impulses through touch and intention. As you develop a neutral perception and hands-on connection with these forces, you will support them in clarifying and completing the “work” of healing. This supports your healing practice in become more gentle, effective and efficient.

The major intention in this class is    to present some of the most               important healing principles within craniosacral therapy: 'the state of     balance', ‘the unit of function’,  ‘direction of ease’, the 'fluid body' and 'expression of potency'. This functional mid-tide orientation will give you tools to work with tissue, fluid, membrane and energy within a context of Wholeness.                    

In this class we will explore concepts and skills that relate to:

  • Practitioner support of natural self-healing impulses    
  • Practitioner presence and anchors
  • Perceiving 'shapes' of experience, inertia' and 'inertial’ fulcrums and potencies
  • Biodynamic and biokinetic forces, shapes, fulcrums and movements
  • Dr. Rollin Becker’s “Diagnostic Touch“ three step healing process
  • Perceiving expressions of Health within states of balance
  • Perceiving tissue and fluid reorganization
  • The role of 'balance' and stillness in the healing process.

The unfoldment of the Breath of Life and the 'three tides' will be discussed as part of a holographic model of the human system. Palpation sessions will center around the mid tide, the fluid body and the functional approach. We will hold this in a larger context of sensing the three tides and the 'the perceptual fields' and healing processes that arise in these different relationships.