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Mary Louise Muller & Christopher Muller  have been actively involved in the development of the biodynamic model of craniosacral therapy since the early 1990’s. The Mullers brought Franklyn Sills over for his first craniosacral training in the United States. All three are approved by BCTA/NA and together make a dynamic, supportive and inspiring team.

Mary Louise M.Ed., RCST®, RPP, is course director for LifeShapes Institute and developer of Resonant Healing. An internationally recognized teacher and author, she has been active in the healing arts for 40 years. For over 35 years she has been teaching and studying in the fields of craniosacral, polarity, kinesiology and somatic trauma healing.

Christopher  RCST®, RPP is an internationally recognized teacher of polarity and biodynamic craniosacral therapy. He has been teaching biodynamic craniosacral for 14 years and polarity for almost 35. In addition to his private practice and teaching, he develops anatomical models of the skull and publishes books related to embryology and biodynamic craniosacral therapy.

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Admission is by application only. Full price is required with application.             

If an applicant finds it necessary to withdraw up to three weeks before, the full deposit is refunded except for a $50 processing fee. If an applicant withdraws after that time, all tuition is nonrefundable, but may be applied to a future seminar.  If an applicant is not accepted, the full deposit is refunded.

Continuing Education Hours are available:

Acupuncture Continuing Education Hours pending for 28 contact hours. Provider is approved by the Cal Board of Acupuncture, Provider Number 234

Nursing Continuing Education Provider approved by the Cal. Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number 12248 for 28 contact hours.

LifeShapes is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education approved provider. 28 continuing education hours available for this course.

Visceral  Biodynamics - The Peritoneal Organs

Life Shapes advanced

Biodynamic Craniosacral

Date To Be Determined
This course is based on an integrative approach developed by LifeShapes team. It is grounded in the teachings of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. We will approach the viscera in relationship to essential developmental qualities and how each organ has a unique expression of Health in motion. We will explore the formation of the visceral midline and the embryological unfoldment. We will look at perception and interaction from the three tidal layers, emphasizing biodynamic and functional approaches. We will bring in an understanding of the Enteric Nervous System as an independent system. We will explore the harmony and interaction of the organs as energetic and physical phenomena.

Basic Curriculum Topics

  • Embryology of the Viscera
  • Motility and Mobility of the Viscera
  • Formation of the Visceral Midline
  • Layers of Perception and the Viscera
  • Possibilities of Facilitation
  • Integrating Visceral work with the  Inherent Treatment Plan
  • Structure and Function of The Enteric Nervous System
  • Interactions of Enteric,  Sympathetic, Parasympathetic and Social Nervous Systems
  • Visceral Relationship to the Cranial Base  and Whole Body Patterns
  • Fascial Connections and the Viscera

Recommended Reading : 

  • Michael Gershon’s popular book on the Enteric Nervous System- The Second Brain
  • Jean Pierre Barral’s  book on visceral basics- Visceral Manipulation I
  • Visceral Osteopathy: The Peritoneal Organs by Helsmoortel, Hirth and Wuhrl, with embryology from Blechschmidt

Visceral Biodynamics for the Thorax

Heart, Rhythm, Breath and Bone
Date To Be Determined
Temecula, CA

This seminar is for students already having a background in biodynamic craniosacraltherapy. It focuses on the heart and its relationship to surrounding structures including the lungs, ribs, pericardium, diaphragm and fascial tracts.

 It is intended to deepen your effectiveness in working with  thoracic issues and to expand your understanding of mid and long tide perceptions and stillness. Fluid formation, fluid impulse, thoracic respiration and heart rhythmicity will be explored and expanded.

 There will be lecture, powerpoint, anatomical models, table work, development of verbal and tracking skills, movement and open discussion. We will cover in-depth anatomy and embryology to help in your understanding of developmental processes and embryological gestures or archetypes. Powerpoint images and palpation practice will ground your sensory connection.

You will learn to understand and work with the many layers of the heart expression- stillness, ignition, flow, structure, field generation, transformation, compassion, and relational connection.

Some specific topics to be covered include:

  • Heart ignition
  • Heart, lung and rib motility and mobility
  • The heart as an archetype of formation
  • Motility, mobility and fascial resilience
  • Negative pressure and thoracic balance
  • Stress response and thoracic regulation
  • Dr. Randolph Stone’s Heart Balance and polarity yoga for thoracic health
  • Embryological formative forces and shifts
  • The heart as a bridge to spirit, compassion and emotional intelligence
  • Stephen Porges’ Social nervous system and its role in thoracic regulation
  • Whiplash, falls and surgical interventions affecting the thoracic area
  • The Heart Chakra and Middle Dantien

LifeShapes Institute is dedicated to the presentation of quality education in the field of craniosacral therapy, including aspects of polarity therapy, pre and peri-natal work and somatic trauma resolution.